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Top five Royal prospects

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Even the highest powers have to start from somewhere. It's been several hundred centuries since England has had a King and just as long since France has had one. The true power of a crown may be gone, but that doesn't mean the power of prospects is lessened.

What makes a good prospect and how reliable are they? It's something none of us can agree with in full unity. Prospects can get overrated given the system they are from. Meanwhile certain tools can be overrated and also underlooked. Also some people give greater credence to those prospects closest to the crown. Certainly those that perform well when they are closer the better they look.

So below, you'll find the top five Royal prospects.

1. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

A truly elite prospect. Has everything you want:

  • Military experience
  • Great lineage
  • Young wife
  • Children
The dude knows how to fly helicopters, ride horses, play polo, and has probably killed a person. He's a much better prospect than his younger brother despite being less flashy.

The Duke is still a few years away from the show. He's behind his grandmother and father, but should get the big league call up in the next decade or two.

2. Prince Jean of Orleans, Duke of Vendome

Normally the French don't get much love on these lists. They can be a bit pompous, but regardless of their fanbases attitude, they know how to churn out true talent.

Jean is definitely on the older side of Royal prospects (he's 50) but there are things to like about him. He's got a straight shot to the crown despite being a younger brother. His older brother (and sister) suffer from a mental disability and Jean was given the regency. He takes care of both his siblings with great pride and delicacy.

Like most on this list he has military experience at the upper levels and children.

The Orlean line is often underrated but it's still a very strong one and I wouldn't be surprised to see Jean's son on this list in a few decades.

3. Prince of Nigeria

Even though he has be deposed from his former seat at the top of the prospect throne, he's still on the map. He has a ton of tools, but just can't access them right now. He needs the help of coaches to get back to where he once was, and will definitely reward any organization that helps him out.

4. Alois Philipp Maria

Phillip has a chance to be better than his father (Hans-Adam II), and is one of the better bloodlines around. His family has been in the game since the 1700's and looks to remain in charge for the foreseeable future.

Alois fought for one of the more storied and elite militaries in the world (Coldstream Guards - one of the oldest regiments still active). Despite not being the best player in his system (his father still holds that title) he's got more power now after a constitutional referendum.

He's also married to a true powerhouse in Duchess Sophie, a princess of Bavaria. Together these two should make an excellent combination up the middle for years to come.

He's also likely the wealthiest person on this list. So he's got that going for him...which is nice.

5. Prince Henry "Harry" of Wales

I'm not sure there's another Royal prospect with the tools Harry has. He's a definitive playboy who lives the fast life. He's got the pre-requisite military background, but that's the most straight buttoned thing about him. When he's not fighting for his nation in a completely aesthetic capacity, he's partying...hard.

There are of course make up concern with Harry, something scouts have known since he was in high school. He's got a bit of a racist side, he might be a Nazi, he has a slight drug problem, and plays billiards naked at Las Vegas hotels (NSFW).

The biggest red flag on his profile is the question about his lineage. There's a non-zero possibility that Prince Charles isn't actually Harry's father. This would be a huge blow to the depth of the Mountbatten-Windsor system.

If Harry puts it all together we're talking about one of the greatest Royals of all-time, but right now that doesn't seem like the most likely outcome.