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Royals Review Roundtable: Kate and William head to India

What's on the agenda for the royal couple?

Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports

Prince William and Princess Kate will head to India in two weeks, so we thought it would be a good time to round up our esteemed writers to get their opinions on the royal trip.

This will be the royal couple's first trip since their 2014 trip to New York. What do you think the royal couple hopes to accomplish in India?

Alistair Picadilly: Britain and India enjoy a special bond, and it makes sense to have the royals establish a relationship with Indian dignitaries. It also helps establishes Prince William's international bona fides.

Nathaniel P. Arkham, Esquire: Indubitably, my good sir. I daresay the trip will be good for Kate Middleton as well, as she could one day be Queen, and it will be good to show she is a worldy woman exposed to a variety of cultures and practices.

Ian Byrne: I agree the trip will be a good one, but is the timing right? Young Charlotte has still to reach her first birthday and George has just begun his schooling. I am well aware of all the assistance the young parents have, but children need their parents attention at such a formidable age.

Cockney Jim: Honestly, the puddin's all in the Bambi, if you ask me. Another jam-bam ain't gonna spit-shine the boots when the eggs and the crackers can't fly.

Cecil Gogswaddle, III: Bah, its all rubbish, I say!

The Queen's 90th birthday is coming up. Do you think Kate is winning her affection?

Ian Byrne: Without a doubt, the Queen adores William and wants to see him happy, and Kate makes him happy. The future Queen has held herself with dignity and grace and is held in the highest esteem by the people of Britain. I think she is fitting in well with the royal family, and they are quite lucky to have her.

Nigel P. Higginbotham: I loved her recent interview where Kate admitted young George calls Queen Elizabeth "Gan Gan." How adorable! Kate has given the Queen Mum two amazing children, and if nothing more than that, she has won the Queen's affection. The relationship seems to be quite winning.

Alistair Picadilly: I agree, its all fab!

Cockney Jim: The goose is in the gander if yousall gets the wind in the whistle!

Do you expect William and Kate to have more children?

Lord John Marbury: The whispers around the palace say they are quite overwhelmed with children, but as young George and Charlotte grow older perhaps they will look to expand the family. But remember, Charles and Diana only had two children, William is likely to follow that precedent.

Alistair Picadilly: I don't see Kate having enough time to have a large family. She seems to be an active mum with many goals she would like to accomplish. Not that she won't devote her energies to her young children in their formative years, but I think once they have gotten to a sufficient age, she would like to pursue her interests.

Cecil Gogswaddle, III: Children? Bah. Children are all a big bother. Parenting is all a bunch of overrated rubbish.