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SBNation and FanDuel's exclusive partnership continues into 2016

FanDuel returns to SBNation in 2016 as its exclusive partner for one-day fantasy sports.

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Make a mad dash for daily fantasy sports
Make a mad dash for daily fantasy sports
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As was the case in both 2014 and 2015, FanDuel and SBNation have struck a deal for FanDuel to be the exclusive Daily Fantasy Sports site for the entire network.

If you're not familiar with Daily Fantasy Sports and FanDuel in particular, it's basically fantasy baseball without the annual commitment to the roster you drafted all the way back in March before you knew Trevor Story was going to hang dong seven times in the first week of the season or that Tyler White was going to be the second coming of Chris Shelton. Now you know this. You are so much smarter.

Using your newfound smarts but not doubling down on ideas based on gambler's fallacy, hot hands, and devil magic, you can use your vast knowledge about the game of baseball to win money. Oh, yes, there's money that can be won. Unless you live in one of those states that hates freedom (which are listed in the eligibility section here) in which case no money can be won. The other rules are there, too, which you should read so you know what you're doing before diving into the pool.

For more details, let's have FanDuel break it all down for us:

Each day you construct your team given a budget, drafting whichever players you would like using said budget. If you play the next day, you draft an entirely new team. Lather, rinse, repeat. You only need to play when you want to play. Winnings stay in your account until you cash out via PayPal. If the slog of the year-long fantasy baseball game is too much for you, this is an low-commitment way to stay in the fantasy game.

As sponsorships work, FanDuel has paid SBNation, and yours truly gets compensated for this. Not only do I get compensated. I get spotted a bit of money to play. In a matter of months, I'm sure I'll be wealthy from my winnings, spewing gold coins from my mouth while backstroking in my money bin.

New for this season is the opportunity for first-time players to get their money back if they do not win their first game. If you're interested in trying it out, follow this link to learn more.