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A rebuttal to an open letter from a Cardinals fan

Were we all played?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It's satire. At least I'm pretty sure it is.

You may have seen it. You may have not seen it. It began like this - a member of the Missouri House of Representatives (whose constituency just so happens to be most of St. Louis County) submitted a bill to the Missouri legislature that, if passed, would make the St. Louis Cardinals the official baseball team of Missouri.

It won't be passed. It won't be voted on. It won't come out of committee. It won't enter committee. It's a publicity bill. Bills like this get posted quite frequently, particularly during election cycles. It's like House Resolutions that celebrate diversity in the trash collecting industry: well-meaning, but ultimately meaningless.

Later, a person named Ryan Meyer put an unsolicited post on a free social website Cardsplaining how the bill wasn't personal, or whatever. It is just that the Cardinals are obviously the better team in Missouri, for reasons ranging from fan attendance (which apparently has nothing to do with market size, but is about passion), playing the game the right way, to the fact that a guy from St. Louis hit a home run in the World's Series for St. Louis one year. As Mr. Meyer puts it*:

It doesn't hurt that one of the greatest moments in baseball, coming in the 2006 World Series, happened to be by a Cardinals player—not only that, but a St. Louis native born and raised. Every knowledgable sports fan can recall when David Freese hit a solo home run to center field to send the World Series to a game seven along with Joe Buck's infamous call, "We will see you tomorrow night!"

Though the facts seem to have gotten muddled, as commenter Charlie Moesch pointed out:

Only thing is David Freese's home run was in the 2011 World Series not 2006.

*The post has since been edited to include the correct date.

There are other peculiarities to note about this, open letter. For instance, there's Mr. Meyer's profile photo on the website where the letter was posted:

Mr. Meyer


Mr. Meyer 2


Mr. Meyer 3

So, forgive me for not running out and grabbing my torch and pitchfork when the poster of an open letter trying to explain the superiority of St. Louis as a baseball team has a Kansas City Royals decal above his doorway, to say nothing of the fact that he can't remember which World's Series certain events happened in, certain events that presumably define the greatness of the team he presumably roots for.

But take heart, St. Louis. There is one thing you will always be better at than Kansas City, even if Mr. Meyer can't articulate it properly: being a more dangerous place to live.

You'll always have that.