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Who is the odd man out when Jarrod Dyson returns?

The Royals face a roster decision.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Jarrod Dyson has begun his rehab assignment in Omaha and is expected to return to the club shortly, most likely by early next week. When Dyson returns from his strained oblique injury, the Royals will have to face a roster decision - who do they send back to the minors? Manager Ned Yost won't tip his hand.

"I’m not going to discuss it, until it comes time," Yost said, sidestepping multiple inquiries.

There are three players in danger of a demotion to Omaha upon Dyson's return, all with options remaining:

Reymond Fuentes

Fuentes impressed Royals coaches with a strong spring training, but has been far less impressive through the first week and a half of regular season action. Fuentes had a two-run single on Friday against the Twins, but has just two hits otherwise, going 3-for-13 overall (.233) with one walk. He has been caught stealing and had a misplay in the field against the Astros on Monday.  Reymond has a similar skillset to Jarrod Dyson - speedy, can draw a walk, hits from the left side - so it would be redundant to have both on the roster.

Terrance Gore

Gore was a surprise choice to make the roster out of spring training, but he showed exactly why the Royals carried him when he won the game on Sunday against the Twins with his amazing speed. Gore has zero value with the bat, so all of his value lies in his baserunning ability, which is the best in the game.

The Royals can afford to carry at 25th man who only has value as a pinch-runner early in the year with most of the regulars healthy and fresh and with Ned Yost not using pinch-hitters much. However with 32 games in the next 34 days, injuries will mount, and regulars will need rest. The Royals will need a bench player who can do more than pinch-run. As for now, however, Gore could stick around a bit longer.

Paulo Orlando

Orlando is a fan favorite and has the most Major League experience, so he seems like a solid bet to stay with the club. He is off to a 4-for-15 start (.267) but with all singles and no walks. Orlando was one of the worst players in baseball last year at reaching base, so he's still not much of an asset offensively. However he has some pop, plays good defense, and hits from the right side, complimenting Dyson from the left.

Who would you have as the odd man out?