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How to stream Royals games

Watch the Royals on the internets.

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If you're a Royals fan on the go, there are now more avenues than ever to stream Royals games to your phone, tablet, or even the comfort of your living room television if you're a cord-cutter.

Fox Sports Go

If you are currently a cable subscriber with Fox Sports Kansas City, you can stream all games in-market without blackout restrictions on the Fox Sports Go App. Simply download the free app and authenticate your cable provider and get access to over 140 Royals games that will air on Fox Sports Kansas City. The app is available on both Apple and Android.

Sling TV

If you're a cord-cutter, or your cable provider does not carry Fox Sports Kansas City, you are no longer out of luck. This week, Sling TV announced a new channel service in beta mode that will provide Fox channels, including Fox regional sports networks. Although it does not technically carry a Fox Sports Kansas City channel, it will carry Royals games on the "Fox Sports" alternate channels, with no blackout restrictions

Sling TV is a subscription-based app that can run on streaming devices - your phone, tablet, or even a streaming device like Roku, Amazon Fire, or Xbox One that can connect to your television. For $20 per month, you get access to several popular channels such as AMC, HGTV, CNN, TNT, and TBS. The new channel lineup being offered includes those channels (but excludes ESPN, ESPN 2 and Disney) and adds Fox Sports, FX, FS1, and regional Fox Sports channels. If you are currently a subscriber, it is very easy to switch to (or add) the Fox channel lineup, and they offer a free trial period.

The new channel lineup also allows for simultaneous streaming on up to three devices, so if you want to watch the Royals game upstairs while the kids watch Cartoon Network on their tablet, this is the option to get. If you wish to also get ESPN and Disney, you can pay an additional $20 to receive both channel lineups. On devices like Roku, Sling can be a bit wonky at times, and you must have a strong wifi connection, but at $20 per month it is a much cheaper alternative to cable.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is a subscription service similar to Sling, but has the benefit of a DVR service as well. They offer a number of channel lineups, starting at $29 per month with the base package offering 55 channels including Fox regional sports networks. However, the service has had problems offering Fox Sports Kansas City, which does not seem to be available as of yet. So stay tuned.

PlayStation Vue will operate on PlayStation consoles, as well as Amazon Fire and Chromecast and Apple phones and tablets, but not on Roku or Android devices. Vue also allows for up to five streams at once, offering more streams than Sling.


If you are out of the Fox Sports Kansas City market, you can also stream games live with a subscription to MLBTV. For $85 per year, you can choose to watch just Royals games in out-of-market areas. For $150 you can have access to games from all 30 MLB teams. These games are still subject to blackout restrictions, so if you live in Chicago, you won't be able to watch the Royals when they play the White Sox. And if you live in Iowa.....good luck.

Still, if you live outside of the Fox Sports Kansas City viewing area, it is a great way to watch the Royals, then surf over to listen to the wonderful Vin Scully call a few innings for the Dodgers before calling it a night. MLB TV streams to nearly every device, including streaming devices connected to your television, and a subscription gives you free access to MLB At Bat, a terrific app that updates you with video highlights and scores from the Royals.

Of course, if all else fails, you can always keep up with games on our wonderful Royals Review game threads.