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Welcome to Royals Review! Come introduce yourself!

Settle in by the fire, put on a nametag, and have a chat.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

A new baseball season is upon us and that always means new fans to the site. We at Royals Review always welcome new readers who want to read and talk about Royals baseball, and with the team's success, it should be no surprise that we see new readers.

Royals Review is a long-standing community that has been around since the days of Buddy Bell and 100-losses. Since that time, the site has evolved and grown since its days as a wonderfully eccentric blog run by Will McDonald that explored the rural towns of the Royals Radio Network and fooled media into thinking Carl Crawford longed to be a antiquarian bookstore owner.

The long-standing community can be a bit cliquish, as any community, but if you are new, be friendly, introduce yourself, and be open to discussion. Not everyone will agree on things - even when the team is successful - so expect so disagreement, but be polite. We have community guidelines, but the best piece of advice is -  don't be a jerk.

We also have memes, inside jokes, and sarcasm font (use the @ sign around any font in the text to convey sarcasm, @I guess@). Here is a guide to some of those memes, and yes, they are all terrible.

If you want to share your thoughts on the Royals in a longer format, we have a platform that allows anyone to write about the Royals in our Fanposts and FanShots. Here is how to write a FanPost. Many of our current writers, including myself, began as readers writing FanPosts.

So come in and introduce yourself! While we respect your anonymity, if you'd like to share a bit about yourself, now is the time. Are you a longtime lurker? Have you been with the site since Ross Gload was the first baseman? Are you a new fan of the Royals? What got you hooked to Royals baseball? What does your handle mean? Do you live in Kansas City? Is a hot dog a sandwich?

As for me, I have been running the site since 2014, and have been a writer since about 2011, but was a regular commenter since about the beginning of the site. I grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City (Blue Springs and Overland Park), and currently live in the area after a college stint at Ohio State and a few years living in the Washington, DC area. I work as a legislative analyst, working from home to allow me some flexibility in running the site. I have three young boys, the oldest of which is already a huge Royals fan.

What about you? Who are you?