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Royals V. Orioles: Game XVII Thread

If you win another, that's called a winning streak. It has happened before.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

For one shining moment, Kansas City has the best record in the American League. We should thank our lucky stars over how fortunate and serendipitous this season has been. Between Joakim Soria's struggles, Alex Gordon's lack of offense, and the fact that the team did not win a Chris Young start until their fourth try, you'd think they would be 5-11 instead of 11-5.

Yet, here we are. Oh, what great fortune shines down on the World's Series and two-time American League champions that they may be so lucky to start the season so well. What providence it has been for them to achieve such feats.

Alright, I can't keep that up forever. You get the point, though.

Kris Medlen tilts for the Royals today. I still don't know what to think of his performance. On the one hand, he is striking out nearly one batter per inning. On the other, he's walking a lot of hitters. Yet, his 3.21 FIP suggests he's doing something right, and his 2.38 ERA means the walks haven't hurt him yet. Still,. it's a dangerous way to live.

The Orioles counter with Not Vance Worley, which is just about as depressing as it can possibly be. While I was delighted to see him pitch in last night's game, the fact that I won't get to see him start today is less than pleasant. Though maybe it's a good thing. He is, after all, the most deceptive pitcher in baseball*.

Instead, it will be Tyler Wilson making a spot start for Baltimore. In his career, Wilson has pitched 44 innings, racking up 13 walks and just 17 strikeouts. He made five starts last year, pitching 25 innings with a 4.32 ERA. So, he's likely to go just five innings, unless something goofy happens.


*The likelihood that anyone remembers this is very slight, but for the longest time my signature on RR was "We should trade for Vance Worley," going so far as to advocate that the Royals trade Melky Cabrera and Joakim Soria to the Phillies for him. He has been, and continues to be, my favorite obscure player to follow, even through his various travels to Minnesota, Pittsburgh, and now Baltimore. Fun fact: He ended up being a Super Two guy, but he just entered his second season of arbitration this year.