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Royals lose 4-2 to Sweeping Angels

I advise you to close your eyes this time, actually.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Quick Hits

  • All runs came from home runs
  • The Angels hit more home runs

The Royals suffered their first sweep of the season. They made it fairly easy for the Angels, squandering scoring opportunities left and right.

The Royals struck first but not last. In the first inning, OppoMoose made an appearance and singled to left field before Eric Hosmer blasted a low pitch into the rock waterfall fountain thing beyond the center field wall. They scattered some more runners against Nick Tropeano, as many batted balls found holes, but were foiled each time. Jarrod Dyson got picked off with runners at the corners in the fourth, spoiling an opportunity. The Royals failed to score again in the fifth with two baserunners and one out. The Royals failed to score again in the sixth with....two baserunners and one out.

In fact, the eighth inning was the only one in which the Royals failed to have a baserunner. They had 10 total hits and three walks, but they managed to bring in only two runs. That's just not going to get the job done.

On the other side, Chris Young had a very Chris Young-like start. He didn't make it very long, getting pulled after only 5.1 innings and 78 pitches, but he got six strikeouts and gave up three runs. That's decent enough. All three runs were due to home runs from Mike Trout in the fourth and Yunel Escobar in the sixth. Luke Hochevar was called upon to finish the sixth, and he did so with the help of a Salvador Perez gun-down of an attempted steal at second base which was ruled an out only after a challenge.

Hochevar couldn't shut out the Angels in the seventh inning; Andrelton Simmons hit a solo shot off him. Unfortunately, the Angels bullpen did succeed in shutting out the Royals of a comeback. The radio fellows mentioned that Royals fans are a bit spoiled with how many comebacks there were last year. They can't always come back.