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Kansas City Royals (12-9) vs. Seattle Mariners (11-10) Game 22 Open Thread

The Royals try to end the losing streak against King Felix.

The Royals scored just six runs in getting swept in Anaheim earlier this week, and the job does not get any easier when they face Felix Hernandez this evening in Seattle. Hernandez has given up just 14 hits and five runs in 25 innings for a 1.80 ERA, and has twice led the league in ERA. Hernandez has historically pitched well against the Royals with a 3.01 ERA in 12 career starts, but has only won four of those starts with five losses.

Kris Medlen goes for the Royals, looking to bounce back after a disastrous start last week against the Orioles. Medlen has historically been a slow starter, posting a 3.76 career ERA in the first half compared to a 2.51 ERA in the second half. He is suffering from a spike in walk rate thus far this year, but has also been BABIP-unlucky with a .372 batting average on balls in play.

The line up stays the same despite repeated calls for change by nerdy internet bloggers.

The Mariners have the longest active post-season drought at 14 years, but are hungry to win back Grass Creek. We must fortify our masses for battle and gird our loins for the ensuring slaughter of Mariner teal. FOR GRASS CREEK!