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Friday OT Thread: Distraction from the Battle for Grass Creek

Overrated places and revisiting the past.

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Sorry for the tardiness of this. The late Friday start should give people more time to answer. Maybe.

1. With the Battle for Grass Creek about to recommence, it seems appropriate to ask what non-Cardinals/non-AL Central team do you dislike the most? Why?

2. What TV show from the past would you reboot? How would you cast it and repurpose it for today?

3. We've all been somewhere that we told was great for all these reasons only to get there and wonder what everybody else was seeing. What is the most overrated place you've ever been? How did it fail to meet expectations/its reputation?

4. Many of us have horrifying pictures from the past - I'm looking at you 1980s Josh - in which our hair was the thing of nightmares. What is the weirdest or most regrettable thing you've done with your hair?

5. What is your favorite ethnic cuisine?

Boner #1: Prince or Bowie?

Boner #2: Fish or chips?