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Game I Thread - The Mets of New York versus the Royals of Kansas City

A title defense commences as the World Champs face the team they last vanquished. Baseball is back with a World Series rematch on Opening Day.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Though entirely by chance, the scheduling gods wasted little time in bringing back together last year's World Series competitors in the prime time Opening Day featured match-up.

Leading up to this unusual rematch - the first time the World Series participants from the year prior have met on Opening Day in major-league history - the national media (or at least a few bad seeds) have attempted to fan flames of a fire that exists only in the deepest chasm in their dark, dark hearts, stoking a wished ill-will and fishing for conflict between two unnatural rivals.

The 2015 World Series Champions play host to the 2015 National League pennant-winners, with unexpected postseason ace Edinson Volquez getting the ball for the Royals while the Mets' divisive prince Matt Harvey gets a chance to try to put the horrors of a brutal ninth inning of the decisive Game 5 of the World Series behind him. Royals fans need no reminding how the World Series ended. Matt Harvey, Terry Collins, Lucas Duda, and the departed Daniel Murphy don't either.

Getting the season started will be the following lineups.

The visiting Mets will align themselves thusly:

The World Champion Kansas City Royals will field this murderer's row: