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Midnight in the Garden of Royals and Mariners: Grass Creek Battle MMCCXIV Thread (Game XXIII)

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An epistle by Terrance Gore in these dark days.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

"I never thought much about war. It happened, this I knew. The stories folks would tell, of tracer trails and claymores, always seemed so distant. The romantic parts, of brave soldiers cresting hills against reason, a full rush into madness, in my mind they happened on the plains of some foreign world, some undiscovered universe escaped into, where wargames were played.

"I find myself now in the bunker, waiting out the days. This past week has been hard. Our casualties great, our victories too few. Yesterday, when all seemed bright, a split of lightning, a single volley of artillery, doomed us to defeat. Such small things turn these violent times.

"At once I would be called, if only to make the madness cease. To fit my thread within its tapestry, and at once be done and torn asunder. Forsooth, I can not bide the waiting, and in that realization comes the truth that those who bomb on foot up hills and into darkness are no heroes. The sadness is they are bored of waiting. Tiresome of Death's slow meander, and seek only to rush to his side, only to be rewarded with a lifetime of horrors stored in a mind that can not escape.

"I am not yet so bored, but the itch is spreading."

-Pfc. Terrance Gore

Yordano Ventura tilts for Kansas City, who is looking to get off of a disconcerting losing streak. He is 2-0 with a 2.35 ERA, though he has struggled with yielding free passes (5.48 BB/9). Not the way Kris Medlen has, but still a tad worrisome.

He will be opposed by Wade Miley, who has gotten off to a rough start this season with a 1-2 record and a 7.04 ERA, though his FIP (4.47) suggests some bad luck in there.