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First baseman/filmmaker Cody Decker says he was drawn to the Royals because of the people

Before he suits up for his first Storm Chasers game on Thursday, first baseman Cody Decker plans to share his other hobby with fans by releasing a new short film.

Cody Decker's last visit to Omaha was for 2015's Triple-A All-Star Game.
Cody Decker's last visit to Omaha was for 2015's Triple-A All-Star Game.
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

Thursday night, new Omaha first baseman Cody Decker will make his debut as a Storm Chaser, but it will be his second debut of the day. Thursday morning, he plans to release a new film. You may remember Decker from the time he got his whole team to trick Jeff Francoeur into thinking a teammate was deaf. He then went after Francouer again, turning a simple trip to the restroom into an awkward ordeal.

At Storm Chasers media day, Decker had this message for Royals Review readers:

Off-camera, Decker clarified that the new film is not a sequel of the Francouer-related films, but watching those gives the fullest context for the plot of the new one. (Those links again: Video #1, and Video #2.)

Cody Decker had spent his entire pro career in the Padres' system, finally reaching the Majors for eight games last fall. This past winter the Royals signed him as a minor league free agent. He said what drew him to the Royals was the people in organization.

"They have fun. They realize this is a kids' game, and it should be fun."

He said El Paso, his home for the past two seasons, was a special place, but he is embracing his new home.

"It's always a hard thing to leave behind, but you move on to the next thing. But you know what? I love Omaha. You guys have an Alamo Drafthouse here. I've already been there like three times, and I've only been here for two days."

While every minor leaguer hopes to be called up to the Majors, Decker is keeping both feet on the ground as long as he is a Storm Chaser.

"For the foreseeable future, I'm here in Omaha and I want to win a championship in Omaha, because I'd like a Triple-A ring," he said. "Omaha won two Triple-A rings when I was in this division with them. This time, I'd like to win one with them."

The film will be uploaded on Decker's YouTube channel, or you can follow him on Twitter for updates.