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Kansas City Royals (12-11) vs. Seattle Mariners (13-10) Game 24 Open Thread

The Quest to Score a Run.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals have lost five in a row for the first time since the first week of May in 2014. They have won 58.7% of their games (regular and post-season) since then, so perhaps this setback is just the springboard for better times just ahead. Ian Kennedy was given a $70 million contract last winter, so stopping the bleeding today would be a good way towards earning that money.

Taijuan Walker goes for the Mariners. Walker has gotten off to a fantastic start this year, showing the promise scouts saw in him when he was named a top 100 prospect. Walker throws in the mid-90s and throws strikes, having walked just three hitters all year. He has refined his repertoire, improving his secondary pitches, and inducing a number of groundballs with his change up.

The Royals have not scored in 26 innings now. The most consecutive scoreless games for the Royals came in 2004, when the Twins shut them out for an entire three-game series. The Royals snapped out of that 32-inning scoreless streak by scoring seven runs in 7-0 shutout over Baltimore.

Last Sunday, the Royals had the second-best record in the American League. Now, fans are ready to declare this season a disaster. What I'm saying, is that it is still early enough that things can seemingly change in a hurry. A win today would help stop the bleeding and get this team right as they head home.