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Royals Rumblings - News for May 11, 2016

Would anyone like to pitch for the Royals?

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Royals Rumblings - News for May 11, 2016

Dayton Moore still has faith in this club.

"What should I do on May 10th?" Moore said. "We put this team together and we fully expect this team to perform better. We still have a great deal of faith in this team, because it has been there before. Our players are very good self-evaluators." The Royals dropped below .500, at 15-16, for the first time since July 22, 2014. "The last two weeks have not been what we've been accustomed to," Moore said. "There are lots of areas that we know we can improve upon. You have to make adjustments, too."

Sam Mellinger is still not ready to panic.

I do believe in the 40-game theory, which means we’re about a week and a half from the point where I think initial judgments can be fairly made. The Royals need more from the guys who are capable of more — Alex Gordon, Lorenzo Cain and Kendrys Morales are vastly underperforming so far, but they’re not alone.... I don’t know if it’s a loud minority, or just the natural frustrations of fans spilling out with easier ways to communicate, but there seems to be a sort of race to be the first one to say it’s over, or to be the first one to say it loudly. The Royals might win another World Series this year, and they might miss the playoffs completely. Either is a distinct possibility. But to say you are sure that one or the other will happen is nonsense, and I’m happy to say this out loud and repeatedly.

Kris Medlen acknowledges his struggles.

Mike Minor got some strikeouts, but had command issues in his first rehab start for Northwest Arkansas. He ended the night with four strikeouts and four walks in 2 2/3 innings with three runs allowed (two earned) on one hit.

Vahe Gregorian thinks Danny Duffy should get a crack at the rotation.

So what’s the answer if the Royals decide to move Young into a bullpen role? It’s hidden in plain view: With Danny Duffy stranded as their fifth-best reliever, it’s hard to understand why the Royals don’t consider gearing him toward a starting role again. Yes, Duffy was inconsistent last year. But for months before he got hurt in 2014, he was among the best lefty starters in the game (2.55 ERA in 25 starts). That’s where his greatest potential lies, and at 27 and with the Royals in need there, now would be a good time to sort it out.

Chris Mitchell at Fangraphs thinks Cheslor Cuthbert could be pretty underrated.

That performance, along with the fact that he plays primarily third base — a somewhat premium defensive position — landed Cuthbert at 74th on KATOH’s preseason top-100 list, placing him tops among Royals farmhands. That was before he opened this season by slashing .333/.402/.624 in 24 games. He was one of the very best hitters at Triple-A over the season’s first month, and was quite possibly the best prospect-age hitter in Triple-A.

Not only does Cuthbert have the stat line of a legit prospect, but — unlike many of KATOH’s crushes — he also looks the part. In his preseason writeup, lead prospect analyst Dan Farnsworth observed that Cuthbert has "the physical tools to be an All-Star." Dan projects nearly all of Cuthbert’s tools to be at least average, with his throwing arm standing out as plus.

Lee Judge looks at Chris Young's troubles.

Eric Hosmer wants to end Alex Gordon's reign in fantasy football.

Pete Grathoff looks at some minor leaguers who could help the Royals this year.

Bryce Harper had choice words with an umpire after Monday's game.

With Stephen Strasburg off the market, next year's starting pitching free agent crop looks weak.

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Can pitchers prevent solid contact?

Andrelton Simmons needs surgery on his thumb.

Let's check in on the NBA coaching carousel.

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