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Game 34 Thread: Royals at Yankees Finale

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Can the Royals split?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a less-than-stellar road trip.

The Royals have been playing like the 2006 Royals rather than the 2016 version for a long time, and yet this team is only one game below .500 and only six games behind the Chicago White Sox. Tonight, the Plains Monarchs will fight the Bronx Bombers, with the stakes being...well, not too much at this point in the year.

The starter for these Royals is Ian Kennedy, who has been nothing short of stellar. However, Kennedy does get a lot of flyballs and, well, Yankee Stadium is Yankee Stadium. Prepare for a bumpy ride. The Yankees, on the other hand, will send out Nathan Eovaldi, who will be making his 113th career start, a solid feat considering he only recently turned 26.

The lineups are as follows: