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Tony Musings: It can always get wurst

Two-tone thoughts on the week that was.

S. Levin/Getty Images

It hasn't been the best two weeks of Kansas City baseball. And though it is no real consolation, it hasn't been the worst two weeks of Kansas City baseball either. The worst two weeks were two-thirds of the 19-game losing streak en route to a 56-106 season. So while it may not make you feel any better, it can always get worse.

  • Lorenzo Cain had a three home run game and generally seems to be playing better baseball. He is still on pace for his worst season since 2013, but considering he went through a pretty pathetic rough stretch and came out the other side looking like a 3-WAR player, that probably tells you a little something.

  • The Royals went 2-4 this week, which is slightly worse than their 2-3 stretch over the same time the week before. Considering one of the losses this week was a shutout at the hands of the hapless Braves, It's a miserable Pyrrhic coin toss to decide which week was worse.

  • The old, white, injured version of Kriss Kross was placed onto the disabled list, as both Chris Young and Kris Medlen were shelved for injuries possibly related to poor performance, or vice versa. In his first start as a replacement, Dillon Gee did an admirable job until Ned Yost got involved, which is usually the time bad things may or may not happen, depending on the temperament of the Baseball Gods.

  • Alex Gordon might be back? Kinda? Probably? Sorta? He's still striking out a lot, but his numbers are up the past ten days or so.

  • Joakim Soria struck out the side this week. He also gave up some more runs. So.

  • Which is a roundabout way of pointing out that hitting hasn't been the only problem the past two weeks. Obviously, the Brothers ChKris were a problem, but Yordano Ventura is also struggling, Ian Kennedy and Edinson Volquez have had bad performances, and the bullpen has been more volatile than anticipated.

  • The Minnesota Twins have been bad, but did you know that they have been Cleveland Spiders bad? Which is weird, because they had that unexpected run last year, and with Miguel Sano, Byron Buxton, and Byung-Ho Park, they were supposed to be set for good things, if not now then very soon. Now it just looks like...I don't even know. Not even the worst Royals team was Spiders bad.

  • This week's forgotten hurler is 2003 NL Cy Young Award winner Eric Gagne, who–perhaps more impressively than his 84 consecutive saves–pitched exactly 82.1 innings each year in three consecutive seasons from 2002-2004. Want to see what a near-5-Win reliever looks like?