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Royals Rumblings - News for May 17, 2016

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At least the Royals kept the Red Sox off the scoreboard last night.

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Royals Rumblings - News for May 17, 2016

Vahe Gregorian writes about what a grind it has been for the Royals to eek out wins.

There’s no way to know where this is all going for the Royals, who have virtually every key player but Ben Zobrist back from last season but somehow are in flux. But unless and until many return to the form we knew them for in 2014 and 2015, there will be a lot more days like Sunday. Days that even the things you count on most don’t quite hold up and demand others to intervene.

Ned Yost scoffs at the notion that Kendrys Morales should stop switch-hitting.

Yost said anyone who suggests that Morales abandon left-handed hitting should "do a little homework." "We're 30-something games into the season," Yost said. "Because the numbers are a little lopsided 30-some games into the season, you want him to give up left-handed hitting? He's not going to do that." Morales' career splits show he's actually better from the left side, posting a .807 OPS compared to a .742 OPS hitting right-handed.

Mike Moustakas said his thumb felt good after a light workout.

"It’s going good," Moustakas told The Star. "It feels good. The thumb feels good. I just got to get my strength back and hopefully start hitting today and see how it goes."

Moustakas was placed on the disabled list on May 7, retroactive to May 5. He would be eligible to return on Friday, when the Royals open a three-game series against the Chicago White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field.

Ned Yost defends Eric Hosmer's baserunning blunder from Sunday.

"It’s a baserunning mistake when there’s no one out and you don’t tag right there, alright?" Yost said. "That ball is hit far enough back where if it bounces off the ball, if Hos is back there tagging, he’s not going to score. So with one out you’re most of the time going halfway on that ball, unless you know that he’s camped under it. … That wasn’t a baserunning error by Hos."

Owen Watson at Fangraphs thinks Yordano Ventura is an injury risk.

Perhaps this will be another blip in the young right-hander’s career: he’ll find his release point again, start locating better, and the velocity will increase along with the warming season. We can imagine a bunch of different reasons why he’s performed poorly, and Ventura hasn’t shown himself to be immune from setbacks and career fluctuations. But there are also the worrying signs of a young pitcher who relies mainly on the speed of his fastball; in that way, we should hope there’s some mechanical issue that can be worked out. Otherwise, like Ventura, we’re all simply fighting against the inexorable march of time, careening headlong toward a future with diminishing tools and hopefully — just hopefully — a better mind with which to use them.

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