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George Brett appears to endorse Donald Trump on Royals telecast

Or did he?

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

It is an election season, which means people have strong opinions about politics. It is not a huge secret that George Brett is a Republican, and he decided to use last night's appearance on the Royals telecast to make his endorsement for the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

Ryan Lefebvre tries to make a joke about how since there is no "broadcast experience" to auction this year, he and Rex Hudler would throw their support to the "George Brett batting clinic" to be auctioned, much like a defeated Presidential candidate throws their support to a favored candidate. George Brett took that opening to reveal his Presidential preference for this November.

Brett says that a lot of his friends are hoping the Republican Party puts Trump over the top, adding himself included. Nervous laughter from Ryan Lefebvre followed. Hey, its your fault Ryan for even skirting around the topic of politics.

People had opinions about Brett's endorsement.

Others weren't so sure George was endorsing Trump.

Maybe George is just angling to get on Donald's short list for Vice President?