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Boston Red Sox (24-15) vs. Kansas City Royals (19-19) Game 39 Open Thread

Great day, let's play two!

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals have won back-to-back games for the first time since April 22-23. If they win this afternoon, that just might be a winning streak. The Red Sox and Royals will play a day-night doubleheader to make up for Monday's rainout, with the team's juggling the rotation a bit for the doubleheader. Ian Kennedy will face Red Sox knuckleballer Steven Wright in the afternoon game, with Edinson Volquez facing David Price in the night cap.

Wright was a former sidearmer with the Indians before he reinvented himself by becoming a knuckleballer with the Red Sox. He finally stuck on a Major League roster for a bit last year, at age 30, pitching in 16 games, nine starts, with a 4.09 ERA. This year he has excelled in seven starts with a 2.36 ERA and over eight strikeouts per nine innings. Wright throws his knuckler about 85% of the time, occasionally mixing in an 83 mph fastball. You would think that would be a recipe for danger, but Wright has only given up two home runs all season.

Hanley Ramirez is out of the lineup for Game One.

Salvy gets the day off after the night game, but will likely catch the second game of the doubleheader tonight.