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Royals vs. Red Sox, Game 40 Game Thread - The Nightcap

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Some day-night baseball for your viewing pleasure.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the nightcap. Put on some pajamas. Grab yourself an age-appropriate beverage. Sit on your ... sitting apparatus of choice. Turn on the smooth tunes of Rex Hudler, Ryan LeFebvre, Denny Matthews, Steve Physioc, Jeff Montgomery, and Steve Stewart. Sit back. Relax. It's the night game of a day-night doubleheader.

In the day game, the Royals were victorious 3-2 on the strength of an Eric Hosmer home run and nine strikeouts from Ian Kennedy.

In a surprising move, at least for me, the Royals called up Whit Merrifield and immediately inserted him into left field. Calling up Merrifield itself isn't the source of my surprise; it's the corresponding demotion of Christian Colon. Hmm.

Edinson Volquez gets the start tonight, and the Royals will sweep the Red Sox if they win. Consider extricating a broom from your closet.

Here are the lineups: