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Royals Rumblings - News for May 19, 2016

Cyborgs, new dinos, redemption, and the Royals.

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FanGraphs' Justin Mason takes an must-read look at The Redemption of Matt Bush.

So what's up with Kyle Zimmer, the Wednesday news edition:

Rustin Dodd adds:

At Baseball Prospectus Kansas City, David Lesky argues that Lorenzo Cain needs more rest.

Lorenzo Cain played the first 20 games of the Royals season this year. For a guy who had never played more than 140 regular season games, that was a lot. Now, there were some off days in there, but still, he played the first 20 games of the season without taking a day of rest when his teammates played. On April 27, the Royals played the final game of a three-game series against the Angels, and Cain was given a break. That was a good time for it because the Royals had a scheduled day off the next day. At that point, Cain was hitting .203/.289/.284 with two home runs he hit early in the year and no other extra base hits.

Since then, Cain has hit .348/.386/.515 with three homers and two doubles. Yes, all three of the home runs came in one game and that’s still just two doubles, but the numbers are there. His season line is now up to .271/.333/.393. Yesterday, he only had the one hit in five at bats, but he hit the ball hard and it took a really nice play to keep him off the bases in one of his at bats.

Also at BPKC, in his Minor Happenings Clint Scoles has the following to say about first-round pick Ashe Russell:

Assistant GM JJ Picollo informed me last week of the front office’s decision to send 2015 1st round pick to short season ball instead of Low-A Lexington this season. Going back to 2007, this regime’s first draft, they have had just two picks drafted in the first three rounds not head to full season ball the year after getting picked. Those picks, Carter Hope and Tyler Sample, had less than stellar outings in the minor leagues with Hope getting released by the Royals in the past month. This decision on Russell is an interesting one considering the Royals moved Nolan Watson to Lexington, the results of which have been less than stellar.

A few questions remain on Russell. Are the Royals re-working his delivery which was said to be unclean by some at the draft? Are they wanting him to continue to refine his change up? While Russell’s change was significantly behind the fastball and slider at the time of the draft last year, the same could be said of Scott Blewett and the Royals sent him to Low-A. Are Blewett’s and Griffin’s struggles creating a change in philosophy? There is no hard and fast rule of pitching development by any organization that works but a slow philosophy isn’t generally a sign of great things to come. The best pitchers in the game that have been drafted during the last century from the prep ranks have had quick success at the lower levels. The Royals reluctance to expose Russell to full season ball may mean expectations should be tempered going forward.

In looking at what Merrifield did in the offseason, Rustin Dodd's profile begins thusly:

The winter days began with a breakfast of nine eggs, a 700-calorie feast of protein, cholesterol and fuel. Then came a bowl of hot oatmeal to top it off.

For lunch, Whit Merrifield dined on three servings of chicken, rice and vegetables. For dinner, he piled a serving of red meat on his plate. In between the gorging, he chowed on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and shakes while working out at Torque Performance, a gym near his home in North Carolina.

Some encouraging prospect news:

Is Pail Hoe Adam Eaton a sleeper superstar?

Travis Shaw is unlikely to maintain this torrid start.

Greg Simons wants to kill free agent compensation at The Hardball Times.

Judith the new dinosaur finds a new home.

A teaser for the new Star Trek series is up.

On the eve of the release of The Nice Guys, Shane Black's next project looks to be in the works, and it's got a pretty awesome lead.

Apparently men are messing up the ratings of shows geared toward women.

He might be a cyborg, but at least he's not blind anymore.

Today's tune is "The Robots" by Kraftwerk from their seminal album The Man-Machine.