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Weekend Rumblings - News for May 21, 2016

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Winning is fun.

Jason Hanna/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for May 21, 2016

Rustin Dodd writes about Whit Merrifield's long road to the big leagues.

For now, it’s still unclear how much Merrifield will play over the next few weeks. But after focusing on a singular goal — making the big leagues — for the last six years, Merrifield said he was happy to focus on something else.

"The most exciting thing for me, being here now, is finally getting back to playing games that matter, playing games where the goal of the game is to win," Merrifield said. "You can try all you want in the minor leagues; it’s just not the environment. It’s so exciting to get back to not caring about anything but winning."

Sam Mellinger thinks Eric Hosmer may chase Steve Balboni's franchise home run record.

He is not nearly as affected by Kauffman Stadium’s big outfield. Since the start of last season, Hosmer has hit exactly half of his home runs at home, even with fewer plate appearances. His teammates have hit 82 on the road and 68 at home.

When Hosmer homers, the stadium’s dimensions tend to be irrelevant. He does not traffic in cheap home runs.

He built his swing in batting cages not far from the beaches of South Florida, his spare time filled with the steady crack-crack-crack while his friends played in the waves and sand. From the very beginning, his was a swing that often straddled the line between precision and violence.

Lee Judge addresses fans who think Lorenzo Cain has been loafing.

At this point in the season, fields in the Northeast can be pretty rough. They have cold winters and early in the season sometimes the grass isn’t as lush. The fields look OK on TV because the grounds crews cover any bare spots with green spray paint. That being the case it’s easy to get a bad bounce and that’s what happened to Cain on the first play; the ball hit a rough spot and took a sideways hop.

The ball hit over Cain’s head was struck with such force that it was past him before he got out of first gear. At that point Cain knew he wasn’t going to catch the ball, so he slowed down to play the carom off the wall. Cain has proven he’s willing to challenge the wall to make a catch, so maybe fans ought to give him the benefit of the doubt; there’s a decent chance he knows a thing or two about making plays in the outfield.

Neil Greenberg at the Washington Post is ready to call the naysayers right about the Royals' demise.

Dayton Moore discusses his future.

Hunter Dozier continues to rake in Omaha.

Bryon Parman at Kings of Kauffman looks at what we've learned about the Royals so far.

A raid on uncopyrighted Royals panties may have been done just to get numbers up for Homeland Security.

The Royals broke Mets starter Matt Harvey.

A's outfielder Josh Reddick is out several weeks with a fractured thumb.

The Braves may have some front office issues.

Elbow surgery has become epidemic among youth baseball players.

Baylor athletics is in deep trouble again.

What are the logistics involved to actually deport 11 million immigrants and build a wall?

Why are so many popular American animated shows made in Korea?

Amazon's The Man in the High Castle loses its showrunner, creating problems for the second season.

Your song of the day is Hank Mobley with "The Best Things in Life are Free".