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Royals Rumblings - News for May 23, 2016

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There has been an awakening with the Royals. Have you felt it?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for May 23, 2016

Alex Gordon sprained his wrist in Sunday's game in a collision with Mike Moustakas, and is day-to-day.

He passed a concussion test and was listed as day to day. Yet the scary collision — along with the missed opportunities in a one-run loss — marred an otherwise productive weekend on the south side of Chicago. "I was just kind of stunned," Gordon told The Star.

"Obviously, I just got my legs taken out of me and just fell down. I was just trying to gather myself, really. I thought I caught the ball, and then I look up and it’s out of my glove."

Rustin Dodd talks to Dayton Moore, who is taking the long view with this club.

Out on the field, away from the levity of the clubhouse, Royals general manager Dayton Moore stood on the top step of the dugout and waited to say hi to some old friends with the Boston Red Sox. Inside the dugout, three reporters formed a line to speak to the architect of the Royals, including one national reporter who was here to inspect the health of last year’s champions. In a moment, Moore turned around and saw the group waiting for him. He smiled.

"You just want the quotes now?" Moore called out, playfully. "We’re fine. We’re fine."

Dayton Moore gives an injury update for the pitching staff.

Lee Judge wonders if it is time for robot umpires, so he asks Chris Young for his opinion.

Young brought up one reason for using an automated strike zone that I hadn’t considered; he believes it would speed up the game....

As Young points out, there would be no sense in lobbying against technology; the ball either passed through some part of the strike zone or it didn’t. So hitters and pitchers would be less likely to spend time wandering around, expressing their disgust between pitches.

Young also pointed out no jobs would be eliminated; you still need a catcher to catch the ball and throw runners out, you still need a home plate umpire to do things like make calls on check swings and hit by pitches.

Minor League Ball looks at the new and improved Hunter Dozier.

It seems that Dozier did some work on improving his swing mechanics and focus this fall out in Arizona. He needed to remodel his approach, both mentally and in the box, and find the timing that made him the attractive power hitter that the Royals made a Top Ten pick just several years ago. He has a simple approach in the box. One thing you can tell he has fixed is that his stance isn’t as wide. The top is from last season and the bottom video is from this season. Aside from that, their isn’t much to his swing but timing and approach. He stands pretty straight, with not much of a bend in his knees. His leg kick is slight, but consistent, which is also a change. In the past it seemed that he would have different approaches in his kick, some long, some short, and some inward. He twirls the bat over his shoulder, hands right around shoulder level.

Sam Mellinger has a good piece on former Kansas City A's pitcher Chuck Dobson and his battle with alcoholism.

Jim Callis has two Kansas City-area kids in the first round of his mock draft.

Wichita high school coach faces a suspension for not adhering to pitch limits.

Former Royals outfielder Coco Crisp is selling his house for $10 million.

Major League Baseball is thinking of changing the strike zone and how intentional walks are done.

Jesse Spector of The Sporting News writes that the lack of minority managers is a concern, but not a crisis.

The Twins might actually be this bad. Coliseum in Oakland continues to have plumbing issues.

Fangraphs provides your team chemistry rantings.

Conor McGregor has things to say about UFC.

The NCAA has a new rule that will actually help basketball players thinking about the draft.

Mars will be the closest it has been to Earth in a decade.

How can 60% of the homes in San Francisco be worth over $1 million?

The definitive ranking of American Gladiator events.

Your song of the day is The Go Team with "Get it Together."