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Royals Rumblings - News for May 25, 2016

It is Bill Merrifield's world, we're just living in it.

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Royals Rumblings - News for May 25, 2016

In his mailbag, Sam Mellinger takes on some trade talk.

Because the Royals traded four pitching prospects in trades that helped them win the World Series, their farm system is very light on inventory to make deals this summer. And because of that, the likeliest way for the Royals to pull off a major trade would be to deal a big-leaguer. And if the Royals believe in their pitching depth*, and if they don’t want to take away from a strength in trading someone like Kelvin Herrera or Wade Davis**, then Duffy or Yordano Ventura become the guy you’d see go in a major trade.

*And I think they do.

**This is something they’ve talked about in the past in explaining why certain deals weren’t made.

Now, I’m not saying that’s what will happen.

But it could happen, if the Royals get to the point where they think they have to do something major.

Craig Brown is a bit more worried than other fans about Alex Gordon's injury.

I was a bit taken aback by the reaction to Gordon missing such an extended amount of time. As noted, Gordon has been struggling. Yet, put me in the camp that firmly believes for this team to make any waves this year, they need a healthy – and contributing – Gordon. You may think he’s an eighth place hitter, but the reality is he’s a key player on this team. To think he can take this time to "get right" is absurd. He’s out with a wrist injury that could take a month to heal.

After that, he’ll have to find his timing (which he has struggled with anyway) and he will also have to rehab enough to get the wrist action back that is so key to bringing the bat through the zone. Plus, this is the second time he’s injured this wrist. That probably matters a bit in the recovery process. So while Gordon wasn’t necessarily showing signs of breaking out of his extended slump, we’re pretty much guaranteed he’s either out or ineffective until around the All-Star Break. I’ll do the math in my head…that’s half a season without a contributing Gordon. That’s rough.

Mike Minor shows a velocity increase and could join the team soon.

Minor will be eligible to come off the 60-day disabled list in June. Barring any setbacks, Royals officials believe Minor could be ready to join the Royals during the first week of June. For now, his role is uncertain. He could attempt to bolster the starting rotation or slip into a role out of the bullpen...

"It’s felt kind of the same the whole time," Minor said. "There’s still new soreness each time, but it’s because I’m progressing each outing. But I’m recovering, so that’s good."

Buster Olney (INSIDER) thinks the Yankees could be sellers and the Royals could be in on Carlos Beltran.

Beltran's original team would have to break from its recent focus on defense in order to place Beltran in right field. Kendrys Morales is hitting .191 this season, with his deal set to expire at season's end, and the Royals could have the option of using Beltran at DH as well as the outfield.

Sam Mellinger has this tidbit about last year's Ben Zobrist deal.

Bryon Parman at Kings of Kauffman diagnoses why the Royals offense hasn't been the same.

2080Ball scouts Royals pitching prospect Josh Staumont.

Former Omaha Storm Chaser Brian Duensing signs with the Orioles.

Twins outfielder Miguel Sano is criticized by his manager for allowing the triple to Salvador Perez on Monday.

The Braves trade two minor leaguers and take on salary to get another draft pick.

The Marlins are suing season ticket-holders and vendors hurt by the low attendance.

Red Sox reliever Carson Smith to get Tommy John surgery.

The story of an American "gaijin" baseball fan in Japan.

The family of Tony Gwynn is suing the tobacco industry over his death.

Why aren't African-Americans embracing analytics in sports?

Johnny Manziel's friends are worried his partying ways will lead to his untimely demise.

Lawmakers want to kill a NASA project to send an astronaut to an asteroid.

Pizza Hut may begin using robot cashiers.

The producers and cast of Happy Endings talk about possibly reviving the show.

Your song of the day is Blackstreet with "No Diggity."