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Kansas City Royals (24-21) vs. Minnesota Twins (11-34) Game 46 Open Thread

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Sweep a bad team

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Twins are a bad team. To wit:

  • They are on pace to win 40 games and lose 122.
  • They are on pace to be outscored 875 to 576.
  • They have lost 20 of their last 24 games
  • They are in danger of being swept for the eighth time this year
  • They are 0-17 against division rivals Chicago, Detroit, and Kansas City (yet 4-2 against Cleveland)

Their only hope of avoiding a sweep is a good start from rookie Tyler Duffey, their only starting pitcher with an ERA below 4.00. The 25-year old throws in the low 90s with a knuckle-curveball and occasionally a change up. Duffey does a pretty good job throwing strikes with a walk rate of just 1.8 per nine innings.

Dillon Gee goes for the Royals in his extended audition to stay in the rotation. With a strike thrower for the Twins, and a ground ball pitcher for the Royals pitching on getaway day, we could see this game played in record time.

The Royals are still without Mike Moustakas, and he could be out for a few more days.

They also rest Jarrod Dyson and Salvy gets a day off from catching.

The Twins called up a pitcher named Buddy Boshers today, so that will be fun for Rex Hudler to say.

The game will be on Fox Sports Kansas City, but will also air on MLB Network for those of you out of the Royals viewing market.