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Royals Rumblings - News for May 26, 2016

On knees, civil asset forfeiture, and The NeverEnding Story

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Rustin Dodd updates us on Mike Moustakas's knee:

On Tuesday afternoon at Target Field, Mike Moustakas appeared before his locker wearing a black brace on his ailing right knee. One day later, he was out of the lineup for the third straight day.

Moustakas, the Royals’ starting third baseman, is slated to be re-evaluated by the club’s medical staff Thursday in Kansas City after missing three games this week with a sore right knee.

Earlier this week, Royals manager Ned Yost described the injury as a “contusion,” suffered during a collision with Alex Gordon on Sunday afternoon in Chicago. But the soreness and swelling have persisted over three days in Minnesota. In addition, Moustakas’s lateral mobility remains limited, Yost said.

David Lesky tries to figure out what exactly was going wrong with Alex Gordon thus far this season:

He’s always been a player who succeeded by pulling the ball a lot. The shift didn’t seem to hurt him much for whatever reason. In his career when he pulls the ball, he’s hits .404 with a .705 slugging percentage. When he goes up the middle, the drops to .327 with a .510 SLG and going opposite field yields fairly similar results (.330 average, .501 SLG). So pulling the ball seems to be a good thing for Alex.

So we’ve found the problem, right? He’s just not pulling the ball enough. I’m not so sure. This year, everything is different. When he pulls the ball, he’s hit .233 with a .400 SLG. He’s been great going up the middle with a .400 average and a .580 SLG. And when he goes the other way, even that average is down at .250 with a .500 SLG.

Maybe it actually is a good thing that Gordon is not pulling the ball nearly as much, right? In a vacuum, I’d say it actuallyis a good thing, but it’s pretty clear that when Gordon is at his best, he’s pulling the ball more and doing it with more authority. So I’d say he needs to get back to that. That’s the simple answer. But now I’m wondering why he’s hitting the ball the other way so much and why he’s struggling when pulling the ball.

There's a lot more going on there, so read it.

Jeffrey Flanagan lauds Whit Merrifield's early success:

But since being called up last week, Royals super utility man Whit Merrifield looks like he's been in the Majors for years.

Merrifield collected his third straight two-hit game in the Royals' 7-5 loss to the Twins on Wednesday. He is now hitting .348.

"I feel good," Merrifield said. "I was starting to swing it well before I got called up. I'm just trying to stay within myself and do what I can do to help."

Apparently Jonny Gomes isn't actually retiring, despite reports yesterday that he was.

A new installment of Sportsbeat KC is up with Joel Goldberg as the guest.

At FanGraphs, Neil Weinberg starts down the path of comparing Clayton Kershaw to peak Pedro, and Jeff Sullivan looks at Shelby Miller's rock bottom.

While we're on the subject of Shelby Miller, it looks like the D-backs are considering optioning him to the minors. Totally worth Dansby Swanson, Aaron Blair, and Ender Inciarte though.

Doug Thorburn checks back in with last year's velo risers and droppers.

In light of Drumpf bringing up Vince Foster's death, Matthew Yglesias takes a long look at the circumstances surrounding his suicide over at Vox.

ExxonMobil tried to censor climate scientists during the Bush administration.

While Nic Pizzolatto is still developing a project(s?) at HBO, it doesn't seem likely that a third installment of True Detective will happen.

FX has renewed The Americans for two more seasons (five and six) with the sixth being its last.

Another instance of civil asset forfeiture run amok.

Here's an interview with Tami Stronach, the Childlike Empress from The Never-ending Story.

Apparently Captain America is a bad guy now.

Today's tune is "Krazy World" by MF Doom alterego King Geedorah.