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Royals Rumblings - News for May 27, 2016

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See you next year, Moose.

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for May 27, 2016

Sam Mellinger laments that the Royals' good fortune has run out.

Baseball is such an endless and frustrating and euphoric and unexplainable grind that the men who dedicate themselves to the sport are often reduced to talking about the baseball gods. The last two years of this franchise have been remarkably charmed, but now, with the way 2016 is going, it’s like the baseball gods want payback.

"I don’t have time for that," Yost said when asked if he felt snakebitten, which is exactly the kind of thing a man says when he feels snakebitten but doesn’t want to admit it.

Let’s be clear: this is not a season-ender. The 2016 Royals are not doomed right now anymore than the 2014 Royals were doomed when they went under .500 after the All-Star break....

But if it’s not a season-ender, it sure is a season-changer.

Alex Gordon hopes the time off from injury will get his season going.

He was asked Tuesday by reporters if the injury gives him a mental break from his struggles.

"Because I've sucked so far this year?" Gordon said, according to the Kansas City Star. "Pretty much."...

"Obviously, I haven't played the way I've wanted to this year so far," Gordon said, according to the Star. "But the unfortunate part is, in baseball you always have tomorrow, and right now, I don't have that. I just got to keep my head up. And hopefully when I come back, I'll be feeling a little bit better at the plate and hopefully will help this team out a little bit more than I have so far this year."

Kendrys Morales is out the next few days.

An update on Chris Young:

August Fagerstrom at Fangraphs thinks "Esky Magic" has worn off.

Let’s look at a couple basic metrics. Of Escobar’s 25 swings, 13 have earned him a first-pitch strike, by means of either a foul ball (11) or swinging strike (2). Of the 12 balls that Escobar’s put in play, he’s got hits on just three of them, all three being singles. In other words, his OPS, which should improve substantially on first-pitch swings, is more than 100 points worse than his already well below-average OPS. Broaden the sample to include all first-pitch swings — not just first-inning first-pitch swings — and that .500 OPS gets even worse. It’s a laughably small sample, of course — 30 balls in play when looking at all innings — but the whole point here is that Escobar really shouldn’t be leading off in the first place, but that it was difficult to argue with last year’s results (.841 OPS) when he swung at the first pitch. It’s very easy to argue with this year’s results.

Jesse Newell at the Star highlights that Salvador Perez has been the best catcher in the league this year.

Darin Watson at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City looks ahead to the Royals upcoming roster crunch.

Clubhouse Conversation has an interesting discussion with Royals prospect Glenn Sparkman.

A Twins player confronted their broadcaster for being negative about the team's play.

Are low minor league salaries deterring athletes from playing baseball?

Throwing more fastballs may lead to Tommy John surgery?

Derek Jeter wants to own a Major League team to make baseball popular again.

Now you can have a minor league mascot perform your wedding.

Clickhole gives an oral history of the 1998 home run chase.

The Topeka Train Robbers of the indy Pecos League, fired their manager four games into the season and didn't tell him.

Chris Berman is retiring after this football season.

A new book by former Kansas State president Jon Wefald gives a behind-the-scenes peak at what happened during conference re-alignment.

China will test out this insane-looking bus that straddles traffic.

Asian-American actors fight whitewashing in Hollywood.

How are game-based movies drawing top talent?

Your song of the day is Elliot Smith with "Miss Misery."