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Friday OT Thread: Back for more cash

The Prince Of Wales And Duchess Of Cornwall Visit Ireland
Get a load of this
Photo by Clodagh Kilcoyne - WPA Pool/Getty Images

It's been too long.

1. What is the worst job you've ever had? What made it so terrible? How did you get out alive?

2. As was talked about briefly in yesterday's Rumblings, the Mitchell Hurwitz co-helmed (with South Park scribe Pam Brady) Maria Bamford vehicle Lady Dynamite is pretty bonkers in the best possible ways. What show on a streaming platform were have you been most pleasantly surprised by? Why?

3. What are you drinking?

4. When is the last time you voted for a third-party candidate in an election, and why?

5. What is the longest distance you have traveled for something that most people would scoff at?

Boner #1: Chicken or egg?

Boner #2: Pizza or beer?