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Weekend Rumblings - News for May 28, 2016

Brett Eibner and Luke Hochevar are different people, right?

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for May 28, 2016

Dayton Moore reflects on ten years on the job with Kansas City.

"It’s important for our legacy here that we continue to respect the game, and that our fans enjoy, or escape whatever they need to escape from, with the game of baseball," he says. "Baseball is really, really hard. No different from your job, or anyone else’s. There’s enough challenges for all of us, each and every day, to keep us stimulated and occupied, with tremendous opportunity for growth if we dive into it and do it the right way."

There’s a pause.

"I don’t know what I would do (after this job)," he says. "I mean, I’m sure there will come point in time. But, I don’t know."

Clint Scoles at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City profiles Whit Merrifield.

What should we expect as fans? I wouldn’t get too excited about seeing an All-Star 2nd baseman in Merrifield, but you will see a spray hitter who will look to use the entire field to collect hits. Since his draft, I’ve said that his skillset is of better use in the National League where he could provide a utility option in the outfield, second or third base and be used as a double switch weapon. On this team currently, Whit can be used in the outfield or second base as well as providing a late inning pinch runner in games he didn’t start. That is a useful player and while he is off to a good start, I think long term you are looking at a guy who could provide a .260/.340/.380 slash line with plenty of hustle and professional at bats.

Thursday night's postponed game has been rescheduled for an off-day in September.

The Royals added some infield depth to Omaha.

Lee Judge tries to play "Dear Abby."

Kansas City has been selected to be one of a few cities to host the Baseball Hall of Fame tour.

Angels pitchers will get stem-cell therapy to treat their injuries.

The Braves and Rangers show there is no end to publicly-funded stadiums.

The Diamondbacks are off to an underwhelming start - would they reverse their offseason moves if given the chance?

What players have the flukiest stats so far?

A fan does the Ric Flair dance after catching a foul ball.

What to root for in the Champions League finals.

Craft breweries are opening faster than farmers can grow hops.

Legos have become more violent. How did this happen?

Merriam-Webster declares the hot dog is a sandwich.

Your song of the day is Benny Golson with "Cherry."