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Memorial Day Rumblings - News for May 30, 2016

We salute the fallen.

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Memorial Day Rumblings - News for May 30, 2016

Vahe Gregorian writes about the Royals have infused the new guys into the lineup.

And there’s simply no way to know if these Royals can do what those Royals did a year ago when they actually concocted a better record with Gordon out injured (31-17) than they did before he was hurt (49-33). Under duress Friday, though, they offered a statement that just because this isn’t exactly the same team winning precisely the same way as its swashbuckling recent predecessors doesn’t mean it can’t find its own way.

Among the established players, Yost said, "there’s no trepidation, there’s no wonder, there’s no panic" about the influx of youngsters.

Clark Fosler cautions not to get carried away with the new guys just yet.

Crazy wins with unexpected heroes always have a tendency to make my mind hearken back to long forgotten discussion board debate (I think maybe back in the days with the KC Star message board was a somewhat lively place). A horrible 2006 Royals team had scored 10 runs in back to back comeback wins over Cleveland and done so with Kerry Robinson in center and Aaron Guiel in right. The debate with a long forgotten anonymous adversary centered around the fact that he was certain the energy of Robinson and Guiel was the key to success. Look at what they did against Cleveland!’ In a game where one of the worn out mantras is ‘momentum is only as good as tomorrow’s starting pitcher,’ we should not leap headlong into conclusions that all is well. That said, folks, enjoy it.

A White Sox blogger goes on an epic rant on Robin Ventura after Saturday's meltdown.

Noah Syndergaard gets ejected for throwing a pitch behind Chase Utley.

The White Sox are talking about trading for James Shields.

Clay Buchholz is not happy about moving to the bullpen.

Johnny Cueto has been a great pickup for the Giants.

How to lose fans and alienate people - the 2016 Atlanta Braves.

The case for allowing ballparks to grow old.

Rookie Alexander Rossi wins the Indianapolis 500.

There is a Game 7 in the Western Conference Finals, but the NBA is ready for a Warriors/Cavs Finals!

If Great Britain leaves the European Union, will that lead to the breakup of Great Britain?

Cold coffee is booming in the United States.

Is competitive gaming about to go mainstream?

Your song of the day is Pearl Jam with "Last Soldier."