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Royals Rumblings - News for May 31, 2016

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Guess what? Royals Devil Magic is still a thing.

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Royals Rumblings - News for May 31, 2016

The Royals have not forgotten their "never say die" attitude.

Really, the day had been made long before yet another comeback victory over the now-wincing Chicago White Sox on Sunday at Kauffman Stadium. In fact, it was already everything you could really want even before first baseman Eric Hosmer prowled back and forth in the dugout in the eighth inning and invoked the words the Royals seem to live by.

Trailing 4-2, Hosmer proclaimed, "OK, boys, this is when the magic happens" and then, presto, they uncorked a three-run rally to win 5-4 to seize first place in the American League Central. columnist Richard Justice says the Royals are back to their old tricks.

On one level, this kind of thing should be no surprise for a club that is on one of the great runs of recent years. Since July 22, 2014, the Royals are 185-121, including the postseason. That's 17 more wins more than any other club (Cubs)....

There are lots of reasons the Royals are the envy of an entire sport. No team has been more disciplined in formulating a blueprint for winning and then having the organizational patience -- that would be owner David Glass and team president Dan Glass -- to execute that blueprint.

When baseball people speak of the Royals, they don't begin with a high-contact, low-home run offense or a dazzling defense or a pitching staff built around a great bullpen. Instead, they begin with the fact that the Royals never strayed from the original plan. That David and Dan Glass allowed Moore and his baseball people to see it through even when the ride wasn't always smooth.

ESPN writer Mark Simon marvels in the Royals comebacks despite a flawed team.

Though the Royals were able to mount comebacks every day this weekend, they still have some issues. The most notable one is with their starting pitching. Royals starters rank 23rd in the majors with a 4.81 ERA and 26th in the majors with a strikeout-to-walk ratio of 2-to-1. They also allow the third-most home runs per nine innings (1.45). On Sunday, their No. 2 starter Yordano Ventura gave them seven innings, but allowed seven runs, raising his 2016 ERA to 5.17....

And despite all of this, the Royals are alone in first place in the American League Central for the first time since April 22.

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