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Royals Review Radio - Episode 18: The Somber Edition

This is how the podcast ends.

This is how the podcast ends.

This is how the podcast ends.

Not with a bang,

But with a whimper

Okay the podcast isn't actually ending as far as being discontinued. We've had a month long hiatus for no particular reason, but we are back. The somber intro is a reflection of the Royals record (which has since improved by one game since the end of the podcast - huzzah!).

On today's podcast I am joined by my newly minted, newly knighted, east coast co-host with the co-most Joshua Ward. Making sure we don't ruin the websites #brand, overlord Max Rieper joins us as well.

On this edition topics include:

The first month of the season

Lorenzo Cain, hurt?

The Royals not striking out still

Wil Myers being blocked by Jeff Francoeur

Ryan O'Hearn

Prospect promotions (or lack thereof)

Alcides Escobar leading off

A collective feeling of malaise


Intro: Hans Zimmer - No Time For Caution (from the Interstellar soundtrack)

Outro: Hans Zimmer - Rise (from the Dark Knight Rises soundtrack)

Supplemental links:

The Savannah Bananas

Lorenzo Cain Struggles

Prospect Promotions


Spotify podcast playlist