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Washington Nationals (18-8) vs. Kansas City Royals (14-12) Game 27 Open Thread

Its School Day.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Royals finish off their series against the Montreal Expos Washington Nationals this afternoon. It is School Day at the K, so if you're listening from the office, you may want to turn the volume down as every fly ball will be greeted with the shrieks of thousands of Kansas City school children.

Kris Medlen tossed a one-hitter his last time out but lost to the Mariners because he lacked the will to win. Hopefully he pitches better this time. The Royals will get their first look at Stephen Strasburg since his rookie season in 2010 when he allowed one run over six innings in a 1-0 Royals win, the fourth start of Strasburg's career.

Old friend Clint Robinson starts for the Nationals, no doubt to showcase him for a trade.

Salvy gets the day off and Moose returns to the lineup for the Royals, both good things.