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Royals Rumblings - News for May 5, 2016

At least he's been awesome.
At least he's been awesome.
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Presumably a proactive move to prepare for 13 games in 14 days, the Royals optioned Terrance Gore to Double-A Northwest Arkansas with the corresponding call-up (read: probably Brian Duensing) coming for Friday's game.

Former Royals Reviewer Clark Fosler wonders whether the 2016 Royals could see the same fate as the 1986 Royals:

I was going to write that the 2015 Royals were a much better team than the 1985 champions, but then I remember that George Brett was on that team and Bret Saberhagen and Frank White and Willie Wilson…you get the picture. I grew up in those times and while the ’85 crew was good, even then, the educated (elite?) Royals’ fans would by and large tell you that the 1977 team and maybe even the 1976 and 1980 crews were probably better teams.

The intent here is not to get into comparing the 2015 Royals to previous good (great) squads from the past (although that might be fun), but instead to point out that a team just months removed from winning a title can suddenly, well, not be winners anymore.

Darin Watson reassures himself about the Royals slow start, finding solace in the fact that the Royals are starting Jarrod Dyson:

So let’s discuss actual reasons why I love Jarrod Dyson. And why he is better than you might give him credit for.

The first one is the obvious one: that speed (and what it do). Lots of guys are fast. Dyson’s speed, even at age 31, can be game-changing. In his career, he ranks eighth in Royals history with 150 stolen bases. Everybody ahead of him on the list has played in roughly three times as many games, at least. His stolen base success rate (86%) is second in team history, just a bit behind Carlos Beltran. By Baseball Prospectus’ accounting, Dyson was worth 4.7 Baserunning Runs last year, tied for 16th in MLB with Brett Gardner. Dyson played in 90 games while Gardner played in 151. Had Dyson played in 150 or so games, he likely would have been the second-most valuable runner in baseball, behind Billy Hamilton.

As for hitting…I admit, I had my doubts about Dyson playing every day this year, or most days anyway. And yes, it’s only 41 plate appearances, but I’ll take Dyson’s .278/.350/.333 over Rios’ .255/.287/.353. Especially when you consider that when Dyson is on first, he’s a good bet to be on second soon. Heck, Dyson’s career .256/.321/.343 line is better than what Rios did last year. And the Royals aren’t paying Dyson $11 million for that this year. Dyson’s bat might not be great, but it’s solid enough for now. In my view, the Royals could upgrade offensively (with the added bonus of improving the bench), but if they don’t find a good fit, they can live with it.

At FanGraphs, Randy Holt looks at The Continued Ascendance of Mike Moustakas.

This is how Royals fans blew off steam on May the Fourth during a blowout loss.

At Kings of Kauffman, John Viril ponders whether Cheslor Cuthbert could help the Royals offense.

Sam Mellinger reminds us that the Royals had their rough stretches last year, too.

Old friend Bob McClure is the new pitching coach with whom everyone has fallen in love, writes Ken Rosenthal.

The Dodgers suspended Erisbel Arruebarrena for the remainder of the season, again.

The Bushes George will not be endorsing Trump.

Did memes on social media kill Ted Cruz's campaign, or was it just that he's the Zodiac Killer?

A look at Jane Jacobs, an urban planner who changed cities and made them what we love today.

Jim Jarmusch has two films premiering at Cannes, a Stooges doc and Patersonthe latter having clips that can be seen here.

An interview with the writer of Solarbabies.

If you've got time to kill, The Life and Times of Tim is up on YouTube. Like all of it. Why work when you can watch this?

The song for the day is "Once Around the Block" by Badly Drawn Boy from his Mercury Prize winning album The Hour of Bewilderbeast.