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Game XXXI - The Royals of Kansas City versus the Highlanders of New York

There can be only one.

Brothers gotta hug
Brothers gotta hug
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

This rivalry dates back to a time well before the game of baseball existed. Immortals fought with swords of their choosing - some chose the Toledo Salamanca broadsword, others elected for a Dragon katana or even a Scottish longsword with their name engraved on the hilt - with the victor being known only once the head was separated from the neck. Unfortunately for this rivalry, the electromagnetic storm that the Quickening induced makes such a battle untenable at a major league stadium for public safety concerns.

So instead of watching as two mean literally duel with swords, the modern fan of this rivalry is left to watch as grown men hurl laced spheres at one another. And they don't even get to throw them at each other. They really just get to throw them in each other's general direction and hope that said spheroid dances in a certain area near his opponent wherein the opponent swings a stick at that "ball" hoping to put wood on the pitched ball and deposit that ball into a 90-degree swath of area directly in his foreground but out of the reach of eight men including the hurler.

Sword-fighting this is not.

With as miserably as the Royals have played of late, it is tempting to just watch the documentary Highlander and see what could have been.

These will be the Mike Moustakas-less Royals:

These will be the newly Aroldis Chapmanned Yankees: