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Royals set Fox Sports Kansas City ratings record again

Fans are watching in droves.

Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals have been drawing strong local televisions ratings for years now, but the interest in the team continues to build, and the team set a new franchise record this week. Tuesday's game against the Rays drew a 17.6 rating on Fox Sports Kansas City, the highest rating ever for a Royals game on the network in fifteen seasons. More people watched the Royals game on Monday than watched all four network channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) combined. The previous record was set last April 26, the game following the Royals brawl with the Chicago White Sox, which drew a 17.3 rating.

It was not just Tuesday's game that earned strong ratings however, Monday's Memorial Day game against the Rays drew a 17.1 rating, the fourth highest-ever in Fox Sports Kansas City history. Through May, ratings overall are up 2% over last year, with Fox Sports Kansas City earning a 12.4 local rating, the highest in Major League Baseball, and on pace to be the highest for any team since 2002.

The interest has been spurred by a five-game win streak, and a hot streak that has seen the Royals win six consecutive series and 12 of their last 16 games. The Royals are locked in a local television contract with Fox Sports Kansas City through 2019. It is considered one of the worst local TV deals in baseball, bringing about $20 million in revenues to the Royals per year.

Thursday update: They set another record on Wednesday.