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Weekend Rumblings - News for June 11, 2016

The Royals will win again....someday.

Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for June 11, 2016

Ned Yost dropped Alcides Escobar out of the leadoff spot, down to #2.

The idea rooted itself in Ned Yost’s mind sometime last week. This was before his Royals team found itself mired in a seven-game losing streak, before the offense recorded the quietest six-day stretch in franchise history, before Yost slid into a table at Carmine’s restaurant here in Chicago on Thursday night. As Yost enjoyed a night off with his wife during a 10-game road trip, the idea remained somewhere in the recesses of his brain. After watching his team lose for seven straight days, Yost was ready: It was time to juggle the order of his lineup. "

Subtle changes," Yost would say.

Clark Fosler at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City points out the Royals are stuck between waiting this slump out and taking drastic action.

The Royals are not this bad, nor did they overachieve for three straight seasons. Stay the course and believe this group can still win. There is some logic to that train of thought. Quite honestly, with a far skinnier track record, that is what Dayton Moore did at the trade deadline in 2014 and it played out spectacularly for him and all of us that follow the Royals.

There is danger, however, in that kind of thinking. The Royals could wake up in early August and be twelve games back with a .260 on-base guy leading the team in plate appearances and a starting rotation that has continued to bury its team in the first few innings of every game. A team can only wait so long before they have waited too long.

The Royals will bump Chris Young from his spot in the rotation this weekend to pitch him at home next week.

Could other moves be in store?

Yordano Ventura and Ned Yost are surprised by the length of Ventura's suspension.

Rustin Dodd points out the Royals have used their magic late in games against Robin Ventura's White Sox a lot.

New Royals draft pick Nicky Lopez has grit, according to Royals scouting director Lonnie Goldberg.

"You can't take your eyes off him, because he's filled with energy," Goldberg said. "He can be a coaches' dream when he walks out on the field, because he's not going to have to tell him anything. Just tell him what time the bus leaves and he'll be ready to play."

Old friend alert.

Hey, why don't the Royals trade for Julio Teheran?

The White Sox designated shortstop Jimmy Rollins for assignment.

Nathanial Grow of Fangraphs wants to fix MLB's suspension system.

Clayton Kershaw become a Dodger draft pick in part because of Luke Hochevar.

What can you do with players with large contracts who aren't productive?

Why are there so many blowouts in the NBA playoffs?

A Fox Sports Florida reporter gets fired after some racist comments on a Facebook video.

Gawker files for bankruptcy to protect assets from Hulk Hogan following a judgment against them.

How the HBO show Silicon Valley nails Silicon Valley.

Your song of the day is Stan Getz with "I Didn't Know What Time it Was".