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Royals defeat the Indians by scoring more runs

A night of many firsts...

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Finally back at home since what feels like the 2015 World Series, the Royals used their high powered offense to collect 11 hits and score six two runs.

Edinson Volquez lead off the night in a shaky position by walking the first two batters he faced. He then walked third batter with two outs but exited the inning undamaged. Then to open their half of the game KC scored on a triple by Whit Merrifield (the first of his career).

Both teams would put runners on through the game. The Indians would find their way to the basepaths through walks, while the Royals would put together some singles but neither side struck it big.

There's a first time for everything and Whit lost a statistical virginity twice tonight with his first career home run too.

Kelvin Herrera would come on in the 8th and yield a home run but Wade Davis worked around a leadoff single to close out the game.

Your highlight of the night was Steve Physioc calling Alcides Escobar Edinson Volquez.

Game graph

Tomorrow Chris Young will take the mound against Cleveland, the same team he yielded an undisclosed amount of runs last week. Opposing Young will be Josh "Cy" Tomlin.