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Manny Machado vs. Yordano Ventura on WWE 2K16

More fisticuffs than the real thing!

Now that we have gotten past some of the outrage and frustration over the Yordano Ventura-instigated brawl last week in Baltimore, maybe we can have some fun with it. ESPN writer Dan Szymborski was apparently not satisfied with the lack of actual fighting in the bench-clearing brawl, so he took to the video game world to satisfy his bloodlust. He recreated Manny Machado and Yordano Ventura in WWE 2K16, and gave them the full-contact brawl we never received in Baltimore.

First, Manny Machado's entrance, which probably violates all sorts of unwritten rules of baseball.

Yordano Ventura takes the first shot.

Machado fights back, lookin' like Mr. Sandman from "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out."

Oh, but what's this??? A surprise tag-team? That's right, its Royals General Manager Dayton "The Process-Truster" Moore! And he wants blood!

Or does he have a different nickname?

And hey, if you want to see the Royals battle the Mets, there is still this battle scene from last fall.