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Royals vs. Indians, Game 65 Game Thread

The Royals have gotten some good pitching recently to win a few.

Hands up! And they stay there. And they stay there.
Hands up! And they stay there. And they stay there.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the hammer finally dropped. Omar Infante is gone. I didn't really believe they'd ever do it. I also didn't believe his performance would sink to such lows. I knew regression was coming after his Tigers season -- irregular ground ball production buoyed his 118 wRC+ in 2013 -- I didn't think it would be this bad. I was expecting something like a 1-2, closer to 2, win player. What the Royals got was nothing. Infante finishes his Royals career providing negative value.

However, tonight is for Whit Merrifield and Christian Colon, the young guys who will take over for Infante's infield duties. Ian Kennedy gets the start; Kennedy last appeared on June 10th, giving up four home runs to the White Sox in 5.2 innings. His ERA ballooned from 3.44 to 4.06 that game. Hopefully he'll be settled down tonight.