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Royals Rumblings - News for June 20, 2016

Kansas City and Cleveland are title towns. What is happening.

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for June 20, 2016

Whit Merrifield continues to hit.

If opposing pitchers are starting to adjust to Merrifield, he has not noticed. The numbers have shown little sign of it, either.

"I’ve seen it all," Merrifield said. "I’ve seen changeups and cutter and sinkers and curveballs and sliders. They’re throwing it all up there. I don’t think they’re pitching me any differently."

Why are the defensive metrics not fond of Eric Hosmer?

The defensive metrics and scouts agree that Hosmer is one of the best in baseball at picking balls and being athletic and crafty around the bag. But opinions differ on how valuable picks are compared to pure range at first base. Some analysts believe that picking balls is only worth roughly 25 percent of a first baseman’s defensive value. Others say it’s difficult to know for certain because different players have different skill sets. According to Spratt, a first baseman with great range will generally get credited for more defensive runs saved than one with a good picking ability.

"There are aspects of defense, especially range, that have bigger lows and bigger highs for first baseman than scooping does," Spratt said. "(Scooping is) not necessarily the most important trait of a good defensive player."

Sam Mellinger has a terrific piece about how George Brett has never stopped trying to please his father.

Even after he became one of baseball’s biggest stars, George still wasn’t good enough. Not to Jack, anyway. Jack lived in Southern California and wanted George to be more like Steve Garvey. George partied too much, got hurt sometimes and his hair was too long. Garvey was married, never missed a game and looked like a Ken Doll.

In the 1980s, Garvey was divorced, got two women pregnant and married a third. When George saw that, he picked up the phone. "Hey dad," he screamed, "you still want me to be like (expletive) Steve Garvey?"

Clark Fosler at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City is growing weary with the broadcast teams.

Like many, I find a Physioc call at best annoying (when you can watch on TV) or virtually game-obscuring when on radio. Rex? Well, once in a while I would like more analysis at the expense of all the catchphrases. With Ryan, I am pretty sure I am one ‘some people will try to tell you’ away from harming myself or those around me. And then there is Denny, who owns a place in many of my fondest Royals’ memories of the 70s and 80s, but am I the only one that thinks he is simply bored with and tired of baseball these days?

Or maybe I’m just a grumpy old man.

Alex Gordon began his rehab assignment in Northwest Arkansas on Sunday, and will also make a stop in Omaha before returning to the Royals.

Ned Yost is already planning his All-Star roster.

Royals fans rescue a puppy in a car from the game on Sunday.

Former Omaha Storm Chaser Brian Duensing talks about opting out and free agency.

Former Royals prospect Cody Reed struck out nine in his MLB debut.

Boston Globe reporter Nick Cafardo speculates the Royals could have interest in Padres outfielder Jon Jay.

Father's Day is emotional for Edinson Volquez.

Wil Myers is having a terrific season by spraying the ball to all fields.

James Shields is really broken.

Will the upsets continue in the College World Series, which began over the weekend?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are champions.

Kansas City's Swope Park Rangers have the most disturbing mascot ever.

How Linkedin failed.

Everyone is raving about the new O.J. Simpson documentary.

RIP Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin.

Your song of the day is Franz Ferdinand with "Darts of Pleasure."