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Royals 2016 MLB draft signings

Who has signed?

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 MLB draft was held two weeks ago, and already many of the Royals picks have signed in anticipation of the July 15 signing deadline. The Royals have already signed each of their picks from the first ten rounds, spending $3,397,965 on bonuses, slightly exceeding their bonus pool limit of $3,325,300.

What is the draft pool? Well, to limit the rising price of draft bonuses, Major League Baseball implemented a draft pool system in 2012. Each draft position is assigned a bonus slot. The sum of each team's bonus slots in the first ten rounds is their draft pool. They can apportion the pool money however they see fit to their picks, but if they exceed the amount, they will be subject to a luxury tax. If they exceed the pool by 15%, they will forfeit their next two first-round picks. Because of their low position in the draft, and the fact they do not have a first-round pick, the Royals had just $3.225 million available for the first ten rounds of the draft. After the first ten rounds, draftees can be offered no more than $100,000 or else the overage is applied to the draft pool. If a team fails to sign a draft pick, they lose that bonus slot from their draft pool.

Here are the players whose signings have been made public. This page will be updated until the July 15 deadline.

Rd Player School Slot Bonus Assigned
2 RHP A.J. Puckett Pepperdine University $963,700 $1,264,965 Arizona
3 OF Khalil Lee Flint Hill HS (VA) $579,700 $750,000 Arizona
4 RHP Jace Vines Texas A&M University $433,900 $375,000 Arizona
5 SS Nicky Lopez Creighton University $324,800 $243,000 Burlington
6 OF Cal Jones Dadeville HS (AL) $243,300 $250,000 Arizona
7 RHP Travis Eckert Oregon State University $186,500 $50,000 Burlington
8 1B Chris DeVito University of New Mexico $174,100 $125,000 Burlington
9 RHP Walker Sheller Stetson University $162,700 $115,000 Burlington
10 RHP Richard Lovelady Kennesaw State University $156,600 $100,000 Arizona
11 OF Vance Vizcaino Stetson University $100,000 $125,000 Burlington
12 RHP Jeremy Gwinn Colby County Comm. College $100,000 Signed Arizona
13 2B Logan Gray Austin Peau University $100,000 Signed Burlington
14 RHP David McKay Florida Atlantic University $100,000 Signed Burlington
15 LHP Mike Messier Bellarmine University $100,000 Signed Arizona
16 OF Nick Heath Northwestern  State University $100,000 Signed Idaho Falls
17 RHP Dillon Drabble Seminole State College $100,000 Signed Arizona
18 LHP Vance Tatum Mississippi State University $100,000 Signed Burlington
19 RHP Tyler Falwell Cohise College $100,000 Signed
20 RHP Anthony Bender Santa Josa Junior College $100,000
21 OF Dalton Griffin South Effingham HS (IL) $100,000 Signed Arizona
22 RHP Cody Nesbit San Jacinto College North $100,000 Signed Arizona
23 OF Kort Peterson UCLA $100,000 Signed Burlington
24 C Mike McCann Seattle University $100,000 Signed
25 1B Robby Rinn Bryant University $100,000 Signed Arizona
26 3B John Brontsema Univ. of Cal-Irvine $100,000 Signed Arizona
27 LHP Rex Hill TCU $100,000
28 C Yordany Salva Broward College $100,000 Signed Burlington
29 RHP Grant Gavin University of Central Missouri $100,000 Signed Arizona
30 RHP Geoffrey Bramblett University of Alabama $100,000 Signed Burlington
31 RHP Malcolm Van Buren Hanahan HS (SC) $100,000 Signed
32 OF Luke Bandy Providence Academy (MO) $100,000
33 OF Kameron Misner Poplar Bluff HS (MO) $100,000
34 RHP Nathan Webb Lee's Summit North HS (MO) $100,000 Signed Arizona
35 C M.J. Sanchez California Baptist University $100,000 Signed
36 RHP Alex Massey Tulane University $100,000 Signed Burlington
37 RHP Justin Camp Auburn University $100,000 Signed Burlington
38 SS Jay Fregosi Murrieta Valley HS (CA) $100,000
39 C Chase Livingston University of Rhode Island $100,000 Signed Arizona
40 RHP Taylor Kaczmarek University of San Diego $100,000 Signed Arizona