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Please welcome the newest additions to our writing staff!

Welcome the newest Kevins

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We recently advertised that we were looking for new writers and hoo boy, did you guys respond! I received dozens of terrific applications from experienced writers with samples of really terrific work. I was originally going to hire one, maybe two writers, and because I had so many great applicants, I decided to hire four. For those of you not selected, I highly encourage you to use our Fanpost section as a great way to gain experience and notoriety, fame and fortune!

Longtime readers should be pretty familiar with all of the new writers. Farmhand, who, when working on his farm goes by "Eric Reuter", has written terrific fanposts in the past including this vegetarian's guide to the Royals lineup, and this article exploring what it would be like if MLB had soccer-style relegation.

Hokius, who has already produced an article on Cheslor Cuthbert and appeared on our podcast in his first week on the job, comes to us from Atlanta, and is known in real life as Jeremy Greco.

Hokius: My real name is Jeremy Greco, if you want the story of how I got my username check out this week's podcast. I grew up in Olathe, but moved to NC to get my degree in Musical Theatre. After I earned that degree I moved to Georgia live with my parents because degrees in musical theatre don't get you many job offers. I now program computers for a living, but I still have a YouTube channel where I occasionally post videos of me singing; I even got to do a live audition for the National Anthem gig on the Kauffman Stadium Field last year.

I've been an avid Royals Review reader ever since I stumbled on the site late in 2013, I've been a Royals fan since 1998 when the home run race got me interested in baseball. As you may have guessed from my signature, my favorite player is Mike Moustakas and I'm going to be very sad if they don't sign him to a contract extension!

sterlingice produced the Rally Zoo Commandments and also has given a terrific series on the recent post-season runs.

sterlingice: I'm still wrestling with questions of anonymity in the internet space (hence the lack of a name change so far). Looking at my profile, I've been on RR since 2008, but I think it's been longer and that was just when RR was absorbed by SBNation. I'm originally from Houston and somehow ended up back here after years of living in "not Texas". I spent 12 years in Lawrence and went to around 100 Royals games during the futility years, most with a lifelong Royals fan who helped indoctrinate me into the culture.

I'm flattered to be writing for the site and hope to continue churning out the long form articles you've seen from me as Fanposts (obligatory: "what posts?" comment). First order of business: I'm working on the final part of the Story of the 2015 Royals and hope to be done within the next month or so. Next, I've kicked around a multi-part article for a couple of offseasons and hope to finally publish this winter called "The Most Hated Royals since 2000" that will be very cathartic for some and frustrating for others.

Also, one of the things I like(d?) to do with my free time and income (prior to the arrival of the tiny human) was visit baseball stadiums: I've been to 21 (2 defunct) in my life and have 11 to go. I've shared some of those via photo essays and would like to put a series around that called something like "RoyalsReview visits MLB stadiums" to bring some of those stadiums to those who haven't visited them. There are a few other ideas I've toyed with but let's see how these first ones go."

Finally, David Rand joins our staff, formerly known as "Discodave". He has put together analytical fanposts before such as this one looking at Salvador Perez.

David Rand: Greetings All! My name is David Rand, formerly known as Discodave, and I am excited to be joining the team here at Royals Review. I have been a member here at RR since 2008, but don’t really post a whole lot, so I have not likely had much interaction with many of you. I have been a life-long Royals and have a few memories that really standout. From listening to the Royals clinch game 7 in 1985 on the radio to witnessing Bo Jackson hit a home run at Yankee Stadium; going all-in with the 2003 team even though I knew better and being able to share the 2015 World Series run with my daughter. I hope to write entertaining pieces that use basic sabermetric concepts, but in a way that is easy to understand and digest. I am looking forward to writing and interacting with the RR community!

Please join me in welcoming all of our new writers!