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Game 78 Thread: Royals vs. Cardinals Finale

It's for the pride of Missouri.

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Royals and the St. Louis Cardinals, Missouri's two teams, play their final game together this year barring a meetup in the World Series. Thus far, the Royals have taken two games and the Cardinals one. Either the Royals take the series, or the Cardinals tied it up. The stakes could not possibly be higher, except if they were.

The Royals are sending Chris Young to the mound, who thus far has been shades of horrific. Ned Yost also continues playing with the lineups, inserting Alex Gordon into the leadoff spot for the first time this year (but again utilizing KENDRYS MORALES, GOLD GLOVE RIGHT FIELDER):

The Cardinals will send this lineup, with starting pitcher Mike Leake, whose blandness this year has been extraordinary:

For the glory of the Royals, let us continue to destroy the Best Fans In Baseball. Amen.