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Game 55 Thread: Kansas City at Cleveland, Part Three of Four

The Royals can hope for a split at Cleveland.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The first two games of this series have been, ah, somewhat less than stellar. There was Thursday night's defensive vomit train that allowed a combined three runs in the eighth and ninth, and then there was Friday's wet noodle as Danny Salazaar dominated the Royals over eight innings.

Tonight, we're seeing a few differences in the lineup. As reported earlier, Ned Yost is basically rolling with Whit Merrifield as his main second baseman, Omar Infante demoted to merely the All-Star Game starting second baseman. In addition, Cleveland has neutered Eric Hosmer this series by pitching around him (four walks so far) and forcing wetter noodle Kendrys Morales to punish them for it. That has not happened.

So, tonight, witness Salvador Perez' return and the start of Omar Infante's banishment:

Cleveland sends this lineup tonight:

Also, the game is in a rain delay. More news upcoming.