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Kansas City Royals (30-25) vs. Cleveland Indians (30-24) Game 56 Open Thread

Baseball is a marathon and ultimately insignificant in the vastness of the universe.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Royals dropped the first game of this series in devastating fashion, so of course, by losing the next two it has built into the narrative that Friday set the tone for the series and the Royals will spiral out of control because they have never lost a game like that before and remember how they won a World Series, well that was like a million years ago, and yea, so what if they just had a six-game winning streak?

Some are calling this a "must-win" game, which is ridiculous, because its June and the Royals literally have over 100 games after this. On this day a year ago, the Minnesota Flippin' Twins were in first place and the Toronto Blue Jays were one game out of last. Baseball teams look good one week and bad the next because....sports. Anytime you see something kinda weird happen in a sports game, you can try to fit some cockamamie psychology BS narrative on it, but usually the appropriate response is, "man, that team really sportsed out there today." Sports happens.

Anyway, that being said, Chris Young is facing Corey Kluber, so.....yeah. Better hope the Indians sports it up out there today.