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Game LVII Thread: The Royals of Kansas City versus the Orioles of Baltimore

Duffman says a lot of things. Oh yeah!

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

After getting swept in a four-game set in Cleveland, the Royals will try to figure out a way to win against a team built quite differently from Cleveland. Where Cleveland owes much of its success to their starting rotation, the Orioles' starting pitchers own a 4.99 ERA that only looks slightly less terrible when the attempt to remove a sub-par defensive unit yields a 4.61 FIP. In other words, their rotation is in roughly the same rough shape as the Royals' is.

In their quest to get back in the win column, the Royals send Danny Duffy to the hill. The Orioles turn to a guy they demoted to the minors just last Thursday.

The Royals will field the following lineup:

The Orioles will look like this: