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Tuesday Night Thread: Royals at Fighting La Canforas

The Royals look to snap a five-game losing streak.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City enters Tuesday night having scored runs in just three of its last 39 innings. Its only run in the last 20 innings of play was when a throw spiked off of the starting third baseman's wrist and rolled away from the defense. Things aren't going so well for the offense. Is tonight the night it turns around?

Jason La Canfora may hate Yordano Ventura, but the Royals sure love when he pitches against the Orioles. Kansas City has won all five times Ventura has ever taken the mound against Baltimore, including April 24, when Ventura threw seven innings of three-hit ball, earning the win after giving up just one run. He can shove all he wants, but if the Royals offense can't start producing runs, it won't matter how the pitcher fares.

Prediction: the Royals are going to score nine runs tonight and win big. Hey, what do I have to lose?